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Master of Arts in Interaction Design

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Program Description


The University of Delaware Interaction Design (IxD) Graduate Program engages students in challenges that matter to the world we live in. Blending Art, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Industrial Design, IxD students learn to use advanced technologies as tools within the design process. This may be in applied fields like health care or business, or in arenas stemming from a more personal interest, but ultimately the things students make are evaluated by the positive impacts of these on other people and both the built and natural worlds we live in.

Interaction Design at UD

The program provides a professional education to jumpstart a career in the creative industries of today and tomorrow. We offer full-time and part-time options to accommodate students from a diverse range of life situations.

Download a PDF information sheet here.

IxD Video

An Emphasis on Process

Throughout the IxD program experience, students follow a process involving the discovery of problems and prototyping solutions that is reflective of industry standards, while at the same time emphasizing a constructivist educational philosophy that values working with physical materials over conceptual/hypothetical solutions.


We challenge students to seek out unique points of view of users through both direct observation and personal experience. This means putting themselves into the mind of the user and trying to experience the world through their point of view.


Students must stake out the problems that were discovered through user research and define the challenges that they are going to take on. Always from the point of view of an identified user, problem definitions must be significant and potentially beneficial.


Now think of ways to go about solving the problem at hand. Through methods involving lateral thinking and brainstorming, all ideas are good ideas and it’s most important to get them out.


Select one idea and physically construct a proof of concept. It is very important to make something that represents your ideas so that we have a concrete thing to discuss, in relationship to the problem definition. A good bit of imagination may still be involved in the actual functionality of the thing, but having an actual thing to experience shifts the gaining of knowledge from a conceptual to a physical experience. Prototyping ideas is the primary emphasis of the IxD program curriculum.


Testing prototypes on users is crucial to learning the successes and failures of what was created.

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Master of Arts in Interaction Design
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Master of Arts in Interaction Design
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