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The IxD program takes advantage of the University of Delaware’s world-class research environment, facilities and faculty. The curriculum includes course work in design thinking, creative process, physical computing, digital fabrication, professional practices and industrial design methods. Many IxD courses are part of Entrepreneurship and Engineering curricula and offer students the opportunity to collaborate across disciplines.

All of the IxD courses contribute to the skills and knowledge that are applied to IxD Studio projects. Within the IxD Studio courses, students work closely with faculty and other students in the IxD Lab to design and develop applied and personal projects that meet the merits of the program philosophy. Faculty-driven studio projects include a collaboration with Nemours A.I. duPont Hospital for Children involving the development of assistive technologies for children with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenital (AMC), in addition to more personal projects involving internet of things technologies, interactive architecture, creative coding and product design.

We offer full-time and part-time options to accommodate students from a diverse range of life situations.

IxD Faculty reviews with each student are held in the middle and end of each semester.

Full-Time Curriculum

The 30 graduate credit hours required for the MA degree are distributed in the following manner:

Fall Semester (15 credits) ​ ​
IxD Studio 1  ART 612​6 cr.
​​Artist's MachineART 606​3 cr.
​Modeling, Prototyping & Testing​​ ​ART 601​3 cr.
Applied Creativity​ART 616​​3 cr.
Spring Semester (15 credits) ​ ​
​​IxD Studio 2ART 613​6 cr.
​Industrial Design​ART 602​3 cr.
​Design Thinking and Innovation​ART 617​3 cr.
​​IxD Internship (Revision Pending to Professional Practices)ART 618​3 cr.

Part-Time Curriculum

The 30 graduate credit hours required for the MA degree are distributed in the following manner:

1st Fall Semester (6 credits) ​ ​
​Modeling, Prototyping & Testing​​ ​ART 6013 cr.
Applied Creativity​ART 616​​3 cr.
1st Spring Semester (6 credits) ​ ​
​Industrial Design​ART 602​3 cr.
​Design Thinking and Innovation​ART 617​3 cr.
​ ​2nd Fall Semester (9 credits) ​ ​
​​Artist's MachineART 606​​3 cr.
​​IxD Studio 1  ​​ART 612​​​6 cr.
2nd Spring Semester (9 credits) ​ ​
​​IxD Internship (Revision Pending to Professional Practices)​ART 618​​3 cr.
​​​IxD Studio 2​ART 613​​6 cr.

Course Content and Relationships

​The program is designed so that the coursework of the more regular courses provides skills that are applied to faculty-lead and individually-motivated projects undertaken in the studio courses. Further, some of the courses are designed as a continuum between fall and spring semesters. This is illustrated in the full-time and part-time curriculum charts below.

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