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History & Mission

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One of the oldest institutions of higher education in the United States, the University of Delaware traces its roots to 1743 when a petition by the Presbytery of Lewes, Delaware, expressing the need for an educated clergy, led the Rev. Dr. Francis Alison, to open a small school in New London, Pennsylvania.

For additional history about the University of Delaware, please visit the web page.

Department of Art & Design Mission Statement

The Department of Art & Design, part of a distinguished research and teaching university, believes that making art is an expansive process. The Department has a special responsibility to develop students' individual artistic practices as well as their critical understanding of art and design. In line with our university’s strategic plan we promote in our students the role of art and design in understanding and expressing the human experience. We cultivate an inclusive atmosphere of diversity, discovery, experimentation, problem-solving, and creative thinking. The Department’s approach is learner centered with the aim of educating socially and culturally engaged artists and designers who comprehend and challenge definitions and assumptions with a wide spectrum of artistic production. Our graduates enter the world equipped to adapt to the rapidly evolving world as creators capable of effecting culture.  Our graduates activate the future.

The University of Delaware has recently adopted and now embarks upon a new strategic plan, Delaware Will Shine. A research intensive institution, the University seeks to "discover knowledge critical to addressing the grand challenges and great debates of our time" and to prepare our students to be leaders in a global society. The Department of Art & Design proudly embraces the guiding principles underlying the new strategic plan:

  • Delaware first

  • Diversity

  • Partnership

  • Engagement

  • Impact

Elaboration on these principles and the full strategic plan can be viewed at:

The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Delaware "emphasize[s] both the enduring value of a liberal education and the importance of cultivating new and emerging fields of knowledge and artistic expression." In these pursuits, the College's strategic plan is founded upon core principles that the Department of Art & Design enthusiastically shares:

  • A liberal education

  • Excellence in teaching and research

  • Diversity

  • Social Responsibility

Please see the complete College of Arts & Sciences strategic plan here:

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History & Mission
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History & Mission
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