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Art Minor

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Program Description


For students interested in design thinking, creative problem solving, working collaboratively, and gaining skills with tools and techniques relevant to a wide range of material processes. A Minor in Art provides students from other majors the opportunity to develop their creativity while learning skills in Fine Art and Design that can be applied to many fields of study and careers. Art Minors have access to the same talented faculty, up-to-date studios and equipment as our majors. The department appreciates diverse experiences and perspectives that Art Minors bring to our studio courses. Having students from other majors and departments is an advantage of being part of a larger research university, the Department of Art & Design welcomes those with a curiosity and interest to take courses with us.

Curriculum Credits

ART Courses (ART) 15

Five art courses at the 100-, 200-, 300-, or 400-level for which students meet the prerequisites and no more than one 100-level art course.  Students may choose from one or more studio area courses. Students must follow prerequisites for all courses. Enrollment is based on course availability. Courses will not be guaranteed in any one studio area to complete the minor.

Art History Course (ARTH) 3


Several courses in the Department of Art and Design as well as the department of Art History may be applied toward fulfilling University and College of Arts and Sciences Breadth Requirements.

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Art Minor
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Art Minor
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