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Mac Lab - Printing Fees

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UD1/Flex Payments ONLY

There are fees involved with printing in the Mac Lab (see sections below).  The only form of playment we can currently accept is UD1/Flex.  Anyone with a UD ID card can put money on their UD1/Flex using the various Value Transfer Stations on campus.  See this page to find out where the stations are.

$1 Ink Switching Fee (IMPORTANT)

The Epson Sure Color P800 printers will automatically switch the black ink type (photo or matte) depending on what a print job requires.  However, the Site Assistants have specific printers set to print specific papers (luster [photo] or matte).  Ink switching wastes expensive ink.

Therefore, if you send a print job to a printer without out checking your media type to match the intended printer destination and it causes the printer to switch its black ink, you will be charged a $1 ink switching fee.

You will also be charged the ink switch fee if you require a switch for your particular situation.  For example, if the roll printers are loaded with matte paper, and you require luster, you will be charged the fee as part of your printing fee.

Please make sure you know how to change the media type for your print job before you print.  If you do not know how to do this, the friendly Site Assistants will be glad to help.  Please ask for assistance!

Epson Sure Color P800 Printer

(includes 16” (luster) or 17" (matte) Roll Paper)

​Size (Length)​Cost (Matte Paper)​Cost (Luster Paper)
​1" (inch)​$0.20​$0.25
​1' (foot)​$2.40​$3.00

Epson Sure Color P7000 Printer

(includes 16” (luster) or 17" (matte) Roll Paper)

​Size (Length)​Cost (Matte Paper)​Cost (Luster Paper)
​1" (inch)​$0.20​$0.25
​1' (foot)​$2.40​$3.00

Epson Sure Color P9000 Printer

(includes 44” Roll Paper)

​Size (Length)​Cost (Matte Paper)​Cost (Luster Paper)
​1" (inch)​$0.40​$0.50
​1' (foot)​$4.80​$6.00

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Mac Lab - Printing Fees
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