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Art & Design Technology Resources - Equipment - Laser Cutter

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Laser cutter

The Department of Art & Design has a VyTek FX3-3624 laser cutter/engraver for use in department-related projects.  For safety purposes, the laser cutter must only be used by authorized users in accordance with the policy document:
Laser Cutter Policies and Procedures.

The laser cutter is useful for cutting plywood, acrylic, mylar, paper and fabric.  It can also engrave (i.e. mark the surface of) glass, stone, treated metals, wood, acrylic and leather.  Working with other materials may be possible but testing would be necessary.  The maximum size of material is 24″ by 36″.

The laser cutter software can accept both vector and raster artwork.  Raster images must be in the form of a monochrome (1-bit) Windows bitmap.  Vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator (CS2) or AutoCAD DXF can be imported into the laser cutter software and then prepared for cutting.  Raster bitmaps and vector artwork can be combined into one laser cutter work file.  More information regarding file preparation can be found here.

Please contact Peter Schwenk if you are an Art & Design faculty person or student who would like a demonstration and/or discuss you project proposal.

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Laser Cutter
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