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​In collaboration with other departments the Department of Art & Design has established several interdisciplinary minors: Interactive Media Minor, Integrated Design Minor, Game Studies Minor, and an Advertising Minor.

Interactive Media Minor

Required courses:
Elective courses:

Examines the convergence of the media of television, film, radio and the Internet. The Minor offers an educational experience for students interested in the development of relevant content and the study of the efficacy of its presentation over the Internet. With the already unmanageable flood of information available, it is crucial to develop content that is desirable, usable, informative and manageable. In addition to Art, this minor includes courses from Computer Science, English, and Communications.

Integrated Design Minor


Provides a comprehensive learning experience that highlights and implements the design process within and across disciplines. At the core of the design process is problem solving. This includes identifying issues and addressing them through an iterative process that leads to finding creative and successful solutions. Included are prototype building and evaluation with the goal of meeting user needs. This Integrative Design learning is especially important in today’s world, as the complex problems we face require trans-­disciplinary approaches and innovative thinking to bring about meaningful solutions. The structure of the Integrated Design minor is three part: Design Thinking, Design Making, and Design Impact. Required courses in this minor come from Art & Design, Mechanical Engineering, Landscape Design, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, among others. This minor housed in the College of Engineering.

Game Studies Minor

Requirements: EAR=2015-2016

Supplies students with the theoretical tools to examine critically cultural texts, whether books, films or games. Students learn to examine and analyze these materials in an intelligent way. In recent years, video games have begun to outpace the film, music, and publishing industries in terms of profits as well as cultural impact. As consumption of games explodes, their place in global culture is engaged in a process of continual renegotiation; cutting-­edge intellectual inquiry is taking note of this phenomenon in significant ways. The minor aims to investigate video games and related cultural production more closely, to think carefully about texts designed as entertainment, and the various effects of media on society. Courses in the minor draw from Art & Design, Computer Science, Foreign Languages and Literatures, and Communications.

Advertising Minor


Offered by the Department of Business Administration, The minor in Advertising is designed to give students from any major an increased understanding of the concepts of marketing, economics, mass communication, and public relations, as well as the strategies and tactics of advertising management.

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Related Minors
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Related Minors
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