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Exhibition ​Opportunities

Each year Undergraduate BFA students have opportunities to exhibit their work publicly in the BFA Thesis Shows. Additional exhibition opportunities stem from individual courses, student groups, and our annual juried show.

Department Of Art ​& Design's Annual Undergraduate Juried Exhibition

Every spring the Department of Art & Design hosts the Annual Undergraduate Juried Exhibition. This exhibition showcases student talent throughout the University of Delaware. An external Juror is chosen by the Exhibition Committee from the region and is a prominent curator or museum/gallery director. This event is a highlight of the year for the department, and numerous awards are given at the opening of the event. The 2020 Juried Exhibition will be held in April.

The 2020 Submission Deadline is March 13th in Taylor Hall Gallery. For more information on how to apply, please download an entry form here:


Funding Opportunities

The Lynn Herri​ck Sharp Award

In September 2009 Lynn Herrick Sharp established an award in support of our Fine Art program. The $2,500 award goes to a student who is in the final stages of pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree at the University of Delaware. This award is intended to help the recipient produce and document their work for the Bachelor of Fine Art Exhibition. The application process is announced in the spring each year.​​

Financial Aid & The Calloway Scholarship

All art applicants offered acceptance to the Department at the University are considered for specific art scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $6,000 per year. The criteria for the Calloway Scholarship funds are:

  • Academic merit, as determined by the various aspects of the admissions process with more than half of the accepted art majors qualifying for academic merit.
  • Artistic talent, which is determined by the ranking from the Department Portfolio Review Committee
  • Financial need, as determined by the FAFSA process

All undergraduate financial aid and scholarship programs are managed and decided by the Office of Student Financial Services.​

Teaching Assistant Opportunities

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

The College of Arts and Sciences accepts nominations for the Undergraduate Teacher's Assistant Program (UTA) at the end of each spring semester. Only one full-time student will be assigned per faculty member, and faculty must apply on behalf of their student.​

The UTA Position:

  • Affords a select group of well-qualified students the opportunity for an educational and transformational experience that they would not ordinarily receive in their formal course work.
  • Provides a form of recognition for competent students who have done superior academic work. Students are proud to include this experience/honor on their curriculum vitae.
  • Assists members of the faculty with research related to their teaching, grading, preparation of instructional materials, and other teaching-related assignments.

University-Wide Opportunities

Summer Sch​​olars

The Summer Scholars Program enables selected undergraduates, generally sophomores and juniors, to conduct in-depth research or creative work with University faculty. Students in the Summer Scholars Program work on their projects full-time for ten weeks in the summer and continue to complete three credits' worth of research in the following academic year. Research and creative work is generally completed under the close supervision of a faculty member. The research done during the academic year may be part of the senior thesis for the Degree with Distinction or Honors Degree with Distinction. Each Scholar will receive a stipend of $3,500. For more information:

Summer​ Fellows

The Undergraduate Research Program awards Summer Fellowships ranging from $300-$1500. These awards are intended to provide partial support for undergraduate researchers who have been working on projects during the academic year who would like to continue research in the summer or wish to begin projects that will continue in next academic year. Summer Fellowship holders may combine research with summer courses, summer jobs, and/or summer volunteer activities. For more information:

Acad​​emic Year Travel Awards

A limited amount of money is available for academic year conference travel.  For application information and instructions:

Supply and Exp​​​ense Awards

During the fall and spring semesters, supply-and-expense grants of up to $150 per student are awarded to undergraduates engaged in research. To apply:

External Opp​​ortunities

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