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104 Taylor HallNewark, DE 19716<div class="ExternalClass1784ADC6F8964E6A9D381EA8050458A0"><p>M.F.A., University of Hartford Art School, 2004</p><p>B.S. (Entomology) University of Delaware, 1998</p><p>Jon Cox is a National Geographic Explorer, an assistant professor in the Department of Art at the University of Delaware, Board Member of the Dorobo Fund for Tanzania and Board member of the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research. Cox’s latest published work was a six-year collaborative documentary book project with hunter-gatherers in Tanzania titled Hadzabe, By the Light of a Million Fires. Cox has directed over twenty photographic study abroad programs across the globe including destinations to Antarctica, South East Asia, Tanzania, Australia, Tasmania and several countries in South America. He was a pioneer in the field of digital photography, served as the adventure photographer/writer for Digital Camera Magazine and authored two Amphoto digital photography books. Cox is a co-recipient of a National Geographic - Genographic Legacy Fund Grant to support his current collaborative cultural mapping initiative with the Ese’Eja hunter-gatherers living in the Amazonia basin of Peru.</p><h4>Publications </h4><p><em>Hadzabe, By the Light of a Million Fires</em>, 250-page documentary book, Tanzania 2012 Photographer, Cultural Mapping Project Hadzabe Hunter Gatherers 40-page booklet, Tanzania 2007 Author 160-page book, Close-up Digital Nature Photography, Watson-Guptill Publications 2005 </p><h4>Presentations</h4><p>Art of Sustainable Gardening, Lecture, ECO Balance Conference, Tokyo, Japan Documentary Photography Lecture, Antonelli Institute Art & Photography School, Philadelphia, PADocumentary Photography Lectures and workshops on a continuing basis, Longwood Gardens Documentary Photography Lecture, Professional Photographers Association, DE</p><h4>Exhibitions</h4><p>2013 Philadelphia Flower Show, Collaborative Educational Installation 2012 Two-Man Show Scheduled, <em>Hadzabe Hunter/Gatherer - Tintypes</em>, Arusha, Tanzania 2011 Philadelphia Flower Show, Collaborative Educational Installation 2010 <em>Art of Sustainable Gardening</em>, interactive kinetic sculptures, Tyler Arboretum, PA 2010 Group Show, <em>Rate of Return, Antarctica - Tintypes</em>, Crane Center, Philadelphia, PA 2009 Juried Show, <em>Portraits, "The Hunter" Tintype</em>, The Center for Fine Art Photography, CO 2009 Juried Show, <em>Photo Review International Photography Competition, "Lone" Tintype</em>, The Photo Review</p><h4>Community Outreach</h4><p>Elected Board Member of the Dorobo Fund, a non-profit fighting for the rights of indigenous peoples, Tanzania Designer and Co-manager, Three-acre Sustainable Learning Center and Organic Vegetable Garden, Tyler Arboretum, PA Docent Historic Board, Unionville, PA </p><h4>Collections</h4><p>Institute of Global Studies, DE Dansko Gallery, PA The Center for Fine Art Photography, CO Chase Dakota Designs, CA Laffy McFee Foundation, DE</p></div><div class="ExternalClassDD8FAD422213460195E2C3228840799F"><p>Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30 - 4:30pm and by appointment​</p></div>Office Hoursjoncox@udel.eduCox, Jon302-831-2244<img alt="" src="/Images%20Bios/Examples/cox.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Assistant Professor

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